How to place lost and found ads on an urgent basis?

Have you lost your certificates or other essential credentials? Immediately announce your loss for an early recovery! Now you might be wondering where to and how to announce such news? The answer is simple, get an ad space in any printed publication i.e. newspaper and spread your word to as many people as you can. Get in touch with Myadvtcorner an online newspaper ad booking portal that enables you to publish ads on an urgent basis.

The former is the brainchild of Mind Makers Communications Private Limited; an INS accredited newspaper ad agency serving people for decades now. Name any newspaper and you get it here as the agency has a plethora of news supplements in its catalogue. You can conveniently publish Lost and Found ad in Times of India or any other paper. Hindustan Times is another news chronicle that witnesses a large number of ad requests. It is a popular national daily that is quite popular amongst the masses. Publish lost and found ad in Hindustan Times via this channel with just a finger click.

The process of making an ad booking is extremely easy and hassle-free. Simply register on the site, select the category for your ad request, choose the newspaper and the edition and follow the further instructions. You can make payment via secured payment gateway by Net Banking or Credit or Debit card modes. Also, the booking facility is available 24×7 therefore you can place your ad request at anytime and from anywhere. Plus, the ad rates are competitive and you get the best packages at affordable prices.

Get in touch with the customer support team if you face any difficulty while making your ad bookings. Just call on the following number for the same: 9810904604

You can also drop a mail at




adinnewspaperNewspapers have been a popular choice of people for placing ads for decades now. The reason for the same is that such printed news spreadsheets reach the farthest and remotest corners of the country where internet hasn’t spread its wings and thus people are not tech-savvy. Also, newspapers are read by all generations, particularly the middle-aged as well as old-aged folks. Thus, companies as well as individuals prefer posting ads in newspaper supplements to target masses.

Initially it used to be a cumbersome task placing an ad in the newspaper due to the complicated long process as well as the long queues at the chronicle’s office. But, today everything has gone viral and so does the newspaper booking procedure. Many newspaper ad service providers have started online ad booking portals for the convenience of their customers.

One such newspaper ad agency in Noida that has been serving its loyal clientele for many years now is Adinnewspaper. The service provider has online booking facility as well that gives you an easy way to book your ad from the comfort of your home with just a finger click. Their services include all kinds of newspaper advertising viz. Classified text ads, display classified ads and display ads. Also, it covers all the major newspapers of the country; national dailies, vernaculars as well as regional dailies.

One of the greatest benefits of placing an ad through this channel is that you will get the best deal at affordable prices that otherwise is a bit difficult if you directly approach a popular daily. Thus, if you too want to place an ad then your search for a good ad agency in Noida comes to an end. For all such services you can get in touch with us and we promise to deliver you the best we can.

To know more about the service provider, visit the website or call on 9810904604. You can also drop in your queries at


Travel a new trajectory of better business with Adinnewspaper

AdinnewspaperTravel is in the air. The world is traveling the world this season. So, if you’re in the travel business, it’s high time for you to be reaching out to people who want to reach all sorts of destinations – from the neighbourhood localities to international panoramas. It’s time for you to press the button and get your business visible in the press. Through and/or

Now is the time people are itching for a change of scene and they need organisations like your travel agency to take care of their needs – like government formalities, transportation (by air, sea, train, bus or any other) comforts, food – local, regional, international – whatever it takes to completely change the environment they are in at the moment.

Sure, you can opt for the electronic media like TV and the Internet which costs a bomb – to produce and put on air – and has only seconds’ visibility, however dramatic. More to the point would be a newspaper which is visible all day and offers far more cost-effective options in terms of size – right from classifieds and classified displays to full page and double-page spreads. And in the newspaper of your choice in the location of your choice and the language of your choice.

This is where you get instant help when you advertise online through and/or You also get a free bonus with professional copywriting and visualisation assistance along with comprehensive media support that puts the best alternatives at your fingertips – wherever you are whenever you want.

Individuals, families, mixed groups and even companies are frequently in need of agents and travel agencies who would professionally organise tours for them according to their varied convenience. However, these agents and travel agencies, too, need instant access to trusted platforms to promote themselves and their products – tours, booking facilities and the like – and the most reliable for instant response are and for reaching the most suitable newspapers at the most cost-effective rates fastest.

Through and adinnewspaper, you can take your pick of local, regional, national and even international newspapers to reach the readers who are looking for your facilities. In the selected newspaper, also, you can select space which ranges from low-cost classified text and classified display advertisements to display ads of all sizes up to full-colour full-pages and even double-page spreads.

Once you contact or with your needs and settle the terms, you can sit back and relax and watch your investment pay for itself.